Sunday, 18 November 2012

It's the IQ, stupid

The comparison between global warming and traditional frauds going back to the old testament can be demonstrated by a single example, showing both the scam itself and more importantly the exploitation of those of weaker minds (sadly the majority or it wouldn't ever be possible) who take things on face value however obvious it is to others it's nonsense.

Women Empowering Women was a perfect example, where women (obviously) paid thousands for membership, of what was simply a chain letter. They used standard, Anthony Robbins-style high powered sales meetings, fake winners like the mock auctions on Oxford Street, and random cheques to real people to suck them in. All that happened were those at the bottom paid those at the top until the police moved in, but before this happened the BBC interviewed many members, explained how it works, and the majority said they'd carry on paying.

Full story here

This basically meant someone had thrown some money away on a promise of making some (they didn't know or care where from) and when it was explained why very few of them would, and all that happened was new members paid old ones until they ran out (each level requiring double the last membership) nearly all didn't understand it. It's not complicated. The only requirement to 'win' was getting there early, lasting long enough to be paid off, and leave. But even so, some had won and paid more to stay in. They invited friends and family, who of course came too late and lost everything, and still defended it.

You have to be damn stupid to not just fall for this, as everyone can make a mistake, but not understand it's a con when told in very simple terms, and stupidity occurs when you make the same mistake twice or ignore advice you are making one.

Now take this phenomenon elsewhere, from every other pyramid scheme and scam, to global warming:

1) Could you tell if no one told you?

2) How do you know the figures are accurate?

3) Have you noticed the majority of reports are based in the future, many outside your lifespan?

4) Have you noticed the widespread use of induction, taking specific weather events and claiming it's because of global warming?

5) Are there inconsistencies, where you find different data for the same areas such as temperature and sea levels?

My background is in law, not science, but both use scientific method and require a similar level of evidence before reaching any conclusion. If something doesn't seem quite right (imagine watching a police show interviewing a suspect or defendant in court), any experienced investigator will almost instantly pick up the inconsistencies and pull the subject apart with direct questions. If their oppo then gives a different story the jury will at least know someone has to be lying.


1) This is of vital importance. Can you tell the planet is warming, let alone why? Even with all the measurements available science struggles to keep up, with massive land based gaps and adjustments for them, and impossible to record every single weather incident. But program weak minds and they will look for any trouble, just as people scratch when you mention fleas, and then filter out everything which does not support their search. The rulers know this and exploit it.

2) Many major reports including from the IPCC have been revised. Past temperatures, including the entire Medieval Warm Period were wiped, and when new methods become available (usually computer programs, or in the case of the non-melting Himalayan glaciers, someone went and looked), so basically climate figures are estimates which may be close or in the glacier's case, 300 billion tons a year out (as opposed to zero). The same applies for investments and other memes such as solar panels, where the ponzi subsidies are the only source of return, the panels themselves simply being the vehicle for the pyramid to operate.

3) Science must be observable. If the IPCC place all their disastrous ends between 2050 and 2100 (bearing in mind this was in the 90s) it is impossible to know either way. If you can't test your theory you haven't got a theory.

4) Despite the IPCC saying not to judge any short term weather either supporting or disproving global warming, the media (backed up by unlimited scientists) use every single hot and extreme weather event as almost absolute proof it is real. Having such double standards is the trademark of propaganda, not science.

5) Just like criminal interviews, if you keep coming up with more than one set of data for the same are, someone's lying. In criminal trials however the defendant is entitled to do all they can to avoid conviction. In business and science it is simply fraud. Even if displaying varying temperature diagrams from report to report is a sign the providers are not certain.

These five alone, especially when added together, ought to raise major alarm bells with the intelligent, which will come as no surprise to see they have. But take Buddha's main human weaknesses, greed, fear, and ignorance (only anger is left, but used later on), combine any one with a lowish IQ and you have a formula to scam the world, and because of the fear/greed addition (fear in this case, combined with greed to silence the intelligent businesses who profit from it with vast subsidies mainly from poor people on their energy bills) make even the averagely intelligent stupid, as fear and greed drop the IQ temporarily to moron level. Because of the second stage of dismissing data, they have an almost watertight formula, one which like the pyramid schemes, only ends when time makes the truth become revealed to all, the money has long gone and the people feel as stupid as they are.

But simply being aware of the truth in any form may be enough to gain one person at a time. So by explaining a psychological phenomenon exploited by the more intelligent but lacking a conscience I am teaching as many people as read this how and why global warming is a pyramid scheme based on fear and greed, fear of your children's future welfare propped up by the greed of scientists and companies making billions (like Al Gore alone) from the scheme.

Bernie Madoff, the South Sea Bubble and Women Empowering Women are pure and perfect examples of such a scam, but of course they can be made as complicated as you wish, but the model behind them can never change, you lose everything unless you are very lucky or running the scam. So a few people have invested in wind and solar at the start and taking our hard earned money getting interest or power rebates ten times over market rate (52.5% a year for ten years for wind farms) but they have still stolen the money in the same way the 'winners' do in any pyramid scheme. But the formula always works out the same. The few become rich from the many, who only discover it after it's too late. But this scam is set to last so long we can get enough people to find out before we're all using fire to replace our gas and electricity again.

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