Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Hiding in plain sight

It's all 100% engineered:

Low interest rates remove around 60-70% of wealth overall as savers outnumber borrowers, they then push up house prices which mean people spend more of their incomes on them, and debase the currency (treason) as investment moves elsewhere with greater returns. QE guarantees this situation and in itself could be the basis of an accusation of debasing the currency against statute law.
Pyramid schemes involving renewable energy have knowingly removed billions from the world economy to the hands of the mafia, as wind and solar cost more to produce than they can ever return in the random weak levels of power they produce. Everyone can learn the measurements of costs and output and they do not make a usable profit, remove the subsidies (theft) and they would never have been manufactured. Those are the symptoms of a sick and corrupt world government system who could never have managed it unless they all work together as a team (mafia).

Fixing economic rates centrally in the Eurozone guarantees the decline of the poorer members in order to maintain order in the system and force ever closer union as their failure requires greater and greater political as well as economic merger with consequent loss of individual governance.
This is quite probably the most corrupt period in world history, and ironically (because of the internet) one of the easiest to see yet organised schemes such as the long term fixing of the
Libor rate, and hiding doctored evidence in Hillsborough for 23 years without a single criminal charge proves we have been living in a growing diseased world for decades. Every single cause of the credit crash has remained in place, the banks have seen few if any new regulations and not a single criminal prosecution outside Iceland. Structured financial instruments alone were able to act as time bombs, hiding toxic debts inside AAA rated packages, which, like beef sausages, only needed a few percent of beef to qualify. Banks were not concerned over losing money over unrepayable debts, as they earned up front fees and then sold them on to unsuspecting investors whilst hiding in packages so complex even the sellers and banking authorities could not decipher them.

This is all now totally visible and incontrovertible, and above that the fact virtually all of it is continuing exactly as before, with credit cards still being offered to people unable to service them, and limits rising once taken on despite no funds to ever repay them, proves it is a deliberate and organised system connecting the entire western world, no different to any of the banana republics who have been doing the same in their own countries for decades beforehand and simply left to it as they weren't affecting many people elsewhere. Nowadays the only difference between them is how well the west can hide it in plain sight, the evidence being presented many times over now to prove exactly what they have done and continue to do unhindered by the keys of knowledge available for all.

Everyone could see this and blow it away within days, but faith in governments and our superiors maintains the system through nothing but the illusion created by authority. Every piece required to prove three times over these crooks are running the world and how is already out there but they see it as a personal attack on those carrying out the atrocities who they have grown to love above their own families.

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