Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Proof our governments are crooks

Now had I told people in the evening news that carbon trading had been created by a gas company to cripple the opposition and then stride in and replace the banned coal with gas you'd say I was quoting a poor B movie.

If I went on to say it was then created by a company guilty of the greatest and longest standing organised fraud in the 20th century, collecting millions over many years with no suspicion until a small accounting glitch was traced to a slush fund of stolen money you'd say either I was blowing smoke or if you can't trust those who created a system you can't trust the entire system it's working in.

Enron created carbon trading and credits to create false profits initially to fool the shareholders for a couple of years to hide a massive black hole in their accounts. The future energy profits they included in their accounts attracted so much new investment even when trading recovered a couple of years later then they found the fake side had drawn in so much money it became their primary trade. No one questioned it, as the new money flowing each year guaranteed enough to pay investors a good rate while the directors removed the rest. There was no product, and carbon trading was carried out to penalise the opposition to pave the way for a gas takeover, which also happened gradually to this day.

In the end though they were found out, and while the court sent them all down for running a huge organised scam, the scam was sold to Al Gore and Bill Clinton before they were caught, who then took it on as the law and spread the system across half the world, even though it was proven in a criminal court to be fraudulent.

If the person you have always bought from at a discount turned out to be selling stolen goods, would you still trust them and buy the same things from a new seller when he had been sent to jail, or not touch anything to do with them again? If your investment company you had half a million invested in was caught running a Ponzi scheme but had not lost it yet, would you leave your money in it or take the lot out immediately? I presume every single person would avoid every scheme proved fraudulent, so why do most people support this one as it's actually been created by a bunch of crooks at the highest level and labelled fraud by America's criminal courts? Doesn't that mean you are supporting a fraudulent system and everyone involved in it today must also be criminals as the system is now legal but still 100% dishonest as it was deemed to be obtaining financial benefits by deception, and running both a version of a pyramid and Ponzi scheme. It is proven in law yet it goes on and at least half the people here want more of it.

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