Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Basic temperature rise for doublings of CO2

Temp  rise from 1850 C'

With no positive feedback, double CO2 and add a degree C. In 2013 CO2 has increased 50% since 1850, temperature has risen around 0.7C on a rising trend, and even if all down to CO2 double that and you get a barely noticeable 1.5C at 520ppm. But if you can squeeze 1.5C at 520ppm, you would need 1040ppm for 2C plus any feedback, and 2080 for 3C etc. There isn't even enough fossil fuel available to burn that much to raise temperatures past anywhere near the IPCC 'danger level', the experiment for the feedback is already half run and by their own figures, they attribute only 0.4C to the added CO2, meaning this graph is actually reading higher than reality so far. How many activists or the general public realise even if CO2 reaches 520ppm, once there it would be almost impossible to gain much more heat as the return would reduce so much the emissions would not be able to keep up. The IPCC don't mention that but it is first year stuff for the scientists.

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