Monday, 7 January 2013

Elements of historic extremism in 21st century politics

Comparison with modern political agendas with historic totalitarianism: (work in progress)

'Public Relations' Goebbels is the modern father of propaganda-which has currently become political correctness- make discussion of sacred cows impossible and insult or criminalise any opposition eg gay marriage 'homophobic' global warming 'murderer' immigration 'racist'. Closing down opposition by personal slander is the lowest means of propagandism, and used to treat opinions (such as gay marriage and immigration) or two sided issues (global warming) as if they were facts. Change the meanings of words and create new ones, such as 'pollution' (CO2 is essential for life and not toxic up to around 5% [from a current 0.4%]) 'carbon footprint', 'renewables', 'clean energy' etc. In fact the UN have a paper recommending replacing the term 'climate change' (a meaningless phrase cut from the entire 'climate change from global warming') to the equally meaningless 'sustainability' as people are beginning to notice it is incorrect.

World government and policies: While sold as the best way to govern in an international age, in fact the agenda is no different from any other empire building, it just raises the world as the highest prize. The EU and UN have taken up this mission following the loss by Germany/Axis powers in the last two world wars, to regain a unified control of Europe, and in the case of the UN, the entire world. Being fully open with such policies (as they either believe they are right, or else the people will) plans for a world government, requiring a tax based on energy usage and carbon currency, which both require a world tier to be operable, are being proposed.

Scapegoating: As we all need warmth to live and to travel, everyone requires a minimum amount of heating, electricity and fuel. By demonising the sources of nearly all such power, and as a consequence the users, we have the ultimate scapegoat, humanity. 'Charities' such as WWF and Greenpeace have extremist wings who compare humans with vermin, maggots and cancer. David Suzuki and Margaret Mead were the modern voices for the movement, with many more coming on board from an original meeting in the 70s onwards, along with the Club of the Isles, including Prince Philip who wants to be reincarnated as a deadly virus. This was not ironic or a joke.

Travel restrictions: What was the first thing the Soviet government did to its people? It created travel permits and made it almost impossible to leave the country, let alone emigrate. The EU have plans to ban cars in all major cities, with London banning old commercial vehicles and Paris all older vehicles in 2012, under ultimately UN Agenda 21 directives (not binding) via ICLEI who administer Agenda 21 locally. Artificially raising fuel and public transport prices further make it harder to work far from home and the London Congestion Charge which divides families as some cannot afford to leave their children with relatives in the school holidays.

Historic policies: At present there is no single version of older types of extreme and totalitarian policies, most theories but some carried out completely or partially, but a mixture and rebirth of elements of old and new movements, the details are not important as generally dead, but as a whole need to be known in order to recognise in current forms and versions, which have been heavily disguised in PR newspeak you need a translator to uncover their true meanings. I have already covered the travel restrictions and deliberate neologisms to repeat until people forget they were ever not part of the language, despite having little or no meaning. A general belief in collectivism, and that individuals are not responsible enough to govern themselves is inherent at both ends of the political spectrum, along with individual wealth which is believed by many to be an obscenity and goes against equality. Redistribution of wealth, and enforced restrictions on it are the feature of all on the left, the only difference being how much. Some disagree with inheritance, returning all assets to the state on death, regardless of the fact that would also require a restriction on gifts during the childrens' lifetimes (or technically gifts over a certain size to anyone) otherwise the law could not be enforceable.

The general claims by all extremists is people need a firm hand and must work together or certain policies such as farming or climate must be coordinated at extra-national levels or cannot work. This of course has no basis in reality as countries such as Iceland, Switzerland and Norway have absolutely no trouble carrying out their governments and cooperating with others while the EU would rather force countries such as Greece to raise the value of their currencies to keep the collective going via the Euro currency.

Scapegoating comes in all shapes and forms, to Jews and Non-Aryans, to polluters, the rich, the aristocracy or anyone else to divert attention from the bloody mess the government has made as in fact they always have ultimate control of individuals and organisations so blaming others is a smokescreen. The banks, however, have become the false messiahs of the 21st century, as whatever they do in Britain they cannot lose, while in Iceland they did default, face prosecution, and as a result although their foreign debts were welched on the country is out of recession unlike the EU. Protecting friends and relatives is the opposite side of scapegoating, so if the far left say a terrorist organisation like Hamas is good, and ban Israeli goods (despite many employees being Arabs) they are protecting and promoting murderers. Hamas have always fired on the innocent while Israel has never fired a single shot first against them. But the PLO and all onwards teach the children Jews and Christians are pigs and dogs and must be wiped out from what they call 'Palestine' as they refuse to accept the (UN created) state of Israel. This is just the best current example of turning a terrorist criminal organisation into heroes as they support the greater agenda.

I have already listed many quotes already so will allow the reader to check them directly, and search for the endless supply on the internets from greats as Stalin, Lenin, Mao and similar, but will say they are divided in two, direct statements of genuine policy, and doublespeak where good is bad and up is down, and just need translating by those who know.

Grand designs: From the ongoing Soviet five and ten year plans which never seemed to be completed, to the dream of a united Europe, many political organisations have such stereotyped desires to take over a continent, and now the world, including the Muslim Global Caliphate, who work in Muslim and non-Muslim countries attempting the dual purpose of returning every country with a Muslim population since day one (including Spain), and wiping out Israel. Whether or not any or all of such desires had been carried out, they are all there to be seen and represent both the genuine beliefs and aims of some of the richest and most powerful people in history and the present, including the quote from David Rockefeller's autobiography. Many are willing to kill to complete their missions, human life is always secondary to the mission at the worst level of extremism, and seen since Genesis onwards. Denying such deaths, including the Turkish massacre of Armenians and the holocaust itself, both within living memory, are part of the PR, and rewriting history is another classical policy of totalitarian governments. The current argument of Mary Seacole being forced into the national curriculum as a nursing heroine, despite being unqualified and running business in war zones against Florence Nightingale is a recent British example designed to promote the false philosophies of multiculturalism and universalism, claiming all cultures are equal and those who hurt or kill their own people (even when in this country) are somehow excused from any responsibility as it is 'their culture'. The fact suttee and thugee, killing and robbing with violence, were successfully eliminated from India by the British Empire, killing female children there and in China, and female genital mutilation are generally avoided by all western authorities, either pretending it doesn't even happen, or allowing it as part of an alternative culture.

In the end all such people use moral relativism, claiming no action they deem qualifies is any worse than any other. What follows is legislation to restrict freedom of speech, coined to deceive by using terms like 'Preventing racism' or 'Equality', while simply making certain words or phrases illegal.

Conclusions: The aims of the mad and the bad, who have enough power and/or money to carry out at least some of their wishes, have barely changed since the bible, as people have never changed. As long as enough people with such power abuse it by bending the rules to favour themselves and their friends, whether or not it is sheer brainwashing and a genuine belief in the cause or simply purely corrupt, the results are the same. In fact, all top politicians and philosophers have concluded it is a waste of energy to try and analyse the motivations of the enemy as much as trying to follow the ramblings of a schizophrenic. If they are against us then all we can do is recognise it and organise our own forces to stop them taking over. Extremists rely on a combination of brainwashing, raising the awareness of the majority to believe their claims, or subterfuge, by pretending they are helping you when cutting your throats. Simply recognising both is the best vaccine, and should a single country be educated well enough to see the elements they can never take hold.

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