Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Fraud for one, fraud for all

Lance Armstrong's belated confession stands as a perfect example not of a confession, but how long he managed to continue (about 15 years) without failing a SINGLE drug test, not by being clean but by cheating the tests as well as the races.

This type of performance can ONLY happen where an entire group is corrupt, from the TOP downwards, as 'rogue individuals' nearly always get busted, prosecuted and held up as an example outside their company or profession. But in cycling and banking (I have enough evidence on both of those at the very least) the rogue individuals are the honest ones. There is not a single reason to cheat or join the crooks as a new and innocent arrival, but they nearly all did, and if a single person genuinely thinks one profession has 'more crooks' than others that is exactly why they get away with it so long, as YOU believe say, scientists are generally far more trustworthy than politicians or estate agents.

How the bloody hell do you know that? Does someone studying science need to have an ethics test before they are accepted as well as good A levels? Are somehow technically minded people more pure of heart than those in business? NO!!! People are people first, and the law of averages sorts the good, bad and indifferent virtually exactly evenly EVERYWHERE, whatever the destination they are virtually the same mix.

Therefore if one particular area becomes poisoned, then whether they are the small group of leaders or large group of silent followers who know exactly what happens and keeps them protected by keeping quiet, they have gone bad. Libor, Hillsbrough, Enron, Bernie Madoff, all appeared above suspicion, so the longer they stayed in business the more money or avoidance of prosecution could continue. Lance Armstrong was not a rogue individual, he was just the most successful cheat in history in a profession of other cheats. Now we know this please accept this can and does happen in every possible profession, the signs are the same for all, I spent many years learning them and if everyone else does they will get stopped before they have cleared up and screwed us all in the process. Knowledge is the only requirement to undo every single one.

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