Monday, 10 December 2012

Avoidable policies

I have worked out something everyone needs to know and apply when it comes to their country's political problems, some you are stuck with by bad luck, and some are avoidable, or to look from the politician's side, deliberate.

This simply means when some people are put in the utter shit, often the poorest and least able to fight back, it was done to them deliberately.

I will give a few very simple examples, and with them should easily be able to recognise the same principle elsewhere, and see basically (language alert) what total fucking bastards the people are who made them. Here are some doozies:

1) Low interest rates: Max Keiser has just given the exact figures of winners and losers from low interest rates, twice as many people lose than win. That is because for all the money saved by mortgage holders, twice as many pensioners and investors lose, thus shrinking the economy, deliberately.

I will add something he didn't, ie high interest rates put house prices down for new buyers, so more people gain by them as they pay less in the first place. Sellers never lose as most trade up and spend less overall as the discount on what they are buying will usually be bigger than the nominal loss they are taking, which is almost guaranteed not to be a loss as the prices almost always go up, just not quite as much.

2) High energy prices: In Britain we have no energy price caps or regulations. No, none at all. The continent do, so as the companies there (gas and electricity are monopolies as there is only one supply, however many 'suppliers', just like the railways) have limited profits they have bought all ours and charge as much as they can before too many people would default. That is avoidable as the rest of the continent avoids it with regulations.

3) The Euro: Greece could recover if allowed to devalue their currency, that has never been in dispute, but besides the residents not understanding enough about economics (how many voters do?) to campaign to leave, they could be released from it, but instead will revert to a third world country as had they left through bankruptcy it may have destabilised the ambitions of a united Europe, which is little different from what Hitler wanted to create. Or possibly Mussolini. Therefore everything has been shifted in order to siphon money and policies to guarantee Greece's debts, while they suffer unnecessarily as they don't get the money, it just services their existing debt directly. Of course the debts wouldn't evaporate if they left the Euro, so that is barely a consideration. In fact they would be better off, probably leading to lower interest payments and a better chance of paying them.

4) The Common Agricultural Policy: The Common Market is based on price fixing, which is illegal for private businesses. They burn and bury food annually simply to keep the prices up. That is a crime against the people.

5) Green taxes: The British/EU (there is little difference now) green taxes mean the already record energy prices are expected to double in a decade, rising to an average of £2,500 a year. Of course (plus petrol) besides stoking inflation as everything manufactured and transported uses energy so has to be factored into the price, hits the poorest the most as they pay the same for it all but is more of their total income. Only poor people die of cold, 3,000 people a year in Britain. Totally deliberate.

Now you have some examples, you are probably voting these bastards in. Why do I say that? Well, in Britain ALL THREE MAJOR PARTIES almost totally agree on these policies, so if you vote for them they will continue. They won't get us out of the EU, or repeal the green taxes, or regulate foreign energy companies, so in the end they have not done this but if you voted for them you have. Every single Labour, Conservative and LibDem voter has chosen these policies. You don't have to. UKIP are an escape route, you only need one alternative as more would dilute the vote and keep them out. I'm not recommending any party personally, but explaining what you get depending who you pick. The same is applicable worldwide, as even if there's a tiny party offering an alternative, if you vote for them they will get in. You can't be screwed in a democracy more than a 5 year term if you vote them out. That's our only power at the moment unless we are given referendums on more policies, which we clearly won't. Don't blame them, blame yourself.         

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