Sunday, 9 December 2012

(Copied) The green agenda

Having read this on another blog it was so clearly set out I have copied it over. I can see it, he can see it, and many others can, but a tiny minority of the total. Meanwhile the average Joe, who trusts authority and rarely if ever (despite the arrival of the internet) checks what they are told, so are also used to slap down any opposition to the collective reality. But they can't keep it up forever.

tckev on said:
Perhaps the powers that be would be just a little more subtle. Perhaps we are being softened-up.
1. Get the majority to believe in some fictitious coming calamity. Say, CO2 causes excess global warming.
2. Propagandize the coming misfortune of many people worldwide – ensure your population feels very guilty about their perceived misuse of fossil fuels.
3. Remove, as far as possible, all industries perceived as misusing fossil fuels, and replace them with inadequate systems that will ensure all prices rise, especially the price of fuel – all fuel. Impose ever more onerous restrictions on import and use of fossil fuels.
4. As global temperatures fall keep propagandize the local hot spots. Ensure every unusual weather event, be it wet, cold, stormy, calm, dusty, or hot gets blanket coverage on all media and ensure that the rise in CO2 get mention each time. Give the whole event a catchy name – say Climate Change.
5. As transportation, food, and health requirements get more expensive and very difficult to maintain, the government, the well connected, and the rich and powerful just have to wait. About every 10-12 years there is a very cold weather, sooner or later (about 100 year – it’s about due) a flu pandemic will come around and decimate the population. In the meantime add more burdens to the ordinary person – restrictions of travel, local no go areas, food shortages, etc.
The government of the day just has to sit on its hands and wait. As each small calamity occurs few people notice how many have succumbed; we’re all too busy trying to stay fit and healthy. By the time it’s too late the government explains that it would be wrong to allow burning fossil fuel, after-all they have signed treaties and made promises to the rest of the world not to.

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